Attending A Cosmetology Program: Discover The Skills You Need To Open Your Own Beauty Salon

You may love just about everything that involves hair, skin care and beauty. If you want to take something you are passionate about and turn it into your own career, you will need to first get the proper education and training in the field of cosmetology. Once you have received the necessary training, you can become your own boss by opening up your own salon and offering a variety of services to your clients.

Stop Wigging Out: Ways To Maintain And Extend The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions, you will likely need to shampoo them at some point. Smoke, grease, and dust soils the hair, and often leave an unpleasant odor; washing your extensions routinely will make them last longer, smell better, and look their best. First, make sure you know whether your extensions are made of synthetic or human hair, as the care for each is quite different. Some advice for cleaning any type of hair-piece include the following tips:

3 Reasons Massage Therapy Can Help You Recover After Surgery

After surgery, your body may be in pain. Nerve signals can be erratic, making large portions of your body hurt even though you have small incisions. While it's counterintuitive to touch the area, getting a massage can help. There are a few reasons massage therapy can benefit you, so read along and learn why it's so great for surgery patients.  Massage Therapy Breaks Down Scar Tissue Following surgery, you may have scar tissue develop.