Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Airbrush Tanning

An airbrush tan can give you a beautiful glow without ever stepping foot out into the sun. Whether you are going to a wedding or a beach vacation, an airbrush tan can help you look great and feel confident. However, you may have heard various rumors about this treatment. Here are some common myths about airbrush tanning that you should no longer believe. An Airbrush Tan Will Make You Orange

What Are You Looking For In Graphic Tees?

Graphic tees are fun and vibrant tee shirts that portray an image on them. They can feature a favorite band or television show, or they can have original imagery or even just a pattern you love. While you won't find graphic tees in the office in most cases, you can have them to wear during your downtime. What are you looking for in a graphic tee? What is the best style of tee shirt for your needs that has graphic imagery on it?

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

If you feel like your perfume wears off before you can even leave your house, you can be frustrated having to constantly spray your favorite scents on. Here are tips to help you smell amazing all day long without feeling like you are bathing in perfume. Petroleum jelly Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the main areas where you spray your perfume. This includes the insides of your wrists and elbows, behind your neck, and other favorite spots.

Attending A Cosmetology Program: Discover The Skills You Need To Open Your Own Beauty Salon

You may love just about everything that involves hair, skin care and beauty. If you want to take something you are passionate about and turn it into your own career, you will need to first get the proper education and training in the field of cosmetology. Once you have received the necessary training, you can become your own boss by opening up your own salon and offering a variety of services to your clients.

How To Care For Your New Ink

So you've decided to take the plunge and get that tattoo you've always wanted. Be it a heart, someone else's name, a photo of something significant to you, or a beautiful quote, every tattoo should be taken care of properly to allow it to heal without damaging your new beautiful body artwork or worse or developing an infection. See below for helpful tips on how to care for your new ink.