What Are You Looking For In Graphic Tees?

Graphic tees are fun and vibrant tee shirts that portray an image on them. They can feature a favorite band or television show, or they can have original imagery or even just a pattern you love. While you won't find graphic tees in the office in most cases, you can have them to wear during your downtime.

What are you looking for in a graphic tee? What is the best style of tee shirt for your needs that has graphic imagery on it? Here is a guide to help you decide what type of graphic tee works best for you so you can get a shirt that won't be stiff and cracked but also won't fade.

Quality construction

A graphic tee should be constructed in a way that it fits well and doesn't entirely absorb the ink or imagery on it. Some graphic tees are vinyl prints so they don't have ink placed directly on them but can also be very stiff and can crack with movement. Other shirts have ink placed on the shirt directly, but can absorb much of the ink for a faded appeal. You want to pick a graphic tee that is a great quality blend of cotton and polyester depending on the overall design you want in the shirt.

Quality design

The imagery on any graphic tee you choose should always be consistent regardless of the type of imagery you choose. You want the shirt to have consistent image placement and color use so your shirt fades and wears evenly over time. Some ink colors may bleed initially when placed in the washing machine, so wash some shirts by hand and then gently dry in the dryer if you're worried about spreading the ink too much.

Quality imagery

Some graphic tees are custom in design so the prints will be of great quality by the artist. Others are more generic in design and may not have any type of major custom features at all. What matters is that the imagery itself is clear and appealing to the wearer, so check the images on any graphic tees you explore to ensure the lines are clean and the colors blend well.

You can buy graphic tees online, at your local clothing store, or get a custom graphic tee designed by a tee shirt artist. Your budget is your only limit when it come to buying the graphic tees you want. Contact a company such as Shop Blooming Daily to learn more.