Stop Wigging Out: Ways To Maintain And Extend The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions, you will likely need to shampoo them at some point. Smoke, grease, and dust soils the hair, and often leave an unpleasant odor; washing your extensions routinely will make them last longer, smell better, and look their best. First, make sure you know whether your extensions are made of synthetic or human hair, as the care for each is quite different.

Some advice for cleaning any type of hair-piece include the following tips:

Be kind.

The only way to preserve your hairpieces is to treat them gently. Whether they are human-hair or synthetic, keep them de-tangled and on a wig-form whenever possible. Gently finger-comb out any tangles or curls, and remove during sleep to avoid tangles when possible. 

Don't pull.

If you are new to wearing extensions, be aware of how much you pull on your hair. This includes when washing or styling extensions; once you tug too hard and pull out the hair, it is gone.

Wash well.

Be sure to routinely wash your extensions with shampoos and cleansers that are recommended for the type of hair that is in your piece. Also, use a scrunching motion to clean the hair rather than letting water roll down and pulling on the hair. Finger-comb the hair after washing, remembering not to tug or pull on the hair.

Some things to know about synthetics:

  • Never blow dry your hairpieces. Do not use heating tools of any kind on synthetic hair.
  • Plan on washing synthetic extensions after the sixth or seventh time you wear them.
  • Avoid trimming synthetic hair with a razor as it can cause split-ends.

Here's some human hair tips:

  • The goal is to maintain the moisture in human hairpieces; don't use products or treatments that may have a drying effect on the hair.
  • When styling your human hair extensions, use ceramic plated heating tools for best results.
  • If buying new, your extensions may need to be styled and cut to fit your desired look.
  • Avoid shampooing human hair extensions with anything containing alcohol or paraben, as these can dry out your hair.

Whether your extensions are synthetic or made from human hair, shampooing them is the only way to keep them looking their best. Use these tips to give your extensions a fresh look, while also preserving and extending the life of your hair. With proper care, you should enjoy your hairpiece for years to come. To learn more, contact a salon like Adevia SpaSalon