Rare Coins: The Perfect Gift For Kids

Rare coin collecting is a hobby that just about anyone can get into - including kids.  Although you may not think of kids as being interested in what might sound like collecting old, dusty objects, coin collecting is so much more than that.  Coin collecting teaches history and value - two things that every child should learn.  Not convinced yet?  Here are some of the reasons why getting your kids into coin collecting can spark a lifelong, worthwhile hobby:

Post-Divorce Wedding Rings

Each year, there are approximately 876,000 divorces in the United States, which translates into a lot of wedding rings. According to ancient tradition, wedding rings were used as a symbol of ownership and was also an indication of the wealth of the giver. Practical value aside, a wedding ring also stood symbolically as an eternal and unbreakable circle. With so much sentimental and financial value that is placed on the ring, it's tough to know what to do with the wedding rings when a marriage ends in divorce.

3 Reasons Massage Therapy Can Help You Recover After Surgery

After surgery, your body may be in pain. Nerve signals can be erratic, making large portions of your body hurt even though you have small incisions. While it's counterintuitive to touch the area, getting a massage can help. There are a few reasons massage therapy can benefit you, so read along and learn why it's so great for surgery patients.  Massage Therapy Breaks Down Scar Tissue Following surgery, you may have scar tissue develop.

4 Traditional Uses Of Tribal Tattoos Among Polynesian Cultures

Most people think of tattoos as a personal expression of individuality, but the practice of tattooing actually originated in the Polynesian islands among tribal cultures. Like most aboriginal art, tribal tattoos told stories or indicated different aspects of social status—they were never used simply as ornament. Following are four traditional uses of primitive tattoos—or tataus, as they were called in by Tahitian tribes. Occupation Tribal tattoos were widely used to identify those of specific occupations, primarily those who served the medical and religious needs of needs of the community.

Why You Should Always Have A Sewing Machine In Your Home

In today's society, the do-it-yourself and make-it-yourself spirit that defined the United States in decades past is no longer the norm. Most people rely on retailers, service providers, and virtually anyone else that they can turn to, to take care of and do things for them. However, this reliance on others for virtually everything does have its downfalls. What if, for example, you can no longer afford the designer duds you need to get through your work day and/or your social life?