How To Extend The Life Of Your Shoes

Shoes aren't cheap, so you want them to last as long as possible. This doesn't mean you can't ever wear your favorite pair of shoes, or can only wear them when the weather is perfect outside. Wear your shoes as much as you want, but in order to make them last a little longer you'll need to do a few things to keep them looking their best and to extend their life. See below for helpful tips to extend the life of your favorite shoes.

1. Weatherproof Your Shoes

Weatherproof and clean your shoes at home each month to help protect them from water, dirt, oil and other outside elements. Use a waterproofing spray on suede shoes to protect them from water stains and to keep them looking soft and plush. Apply a leather conditioner to leather shoes to keep them looking shiny and to protect them from stains. Also clean your shoes using a shoe cleaner to restore the shine to your shoes.

2. Store Shoes Properly

Store your shoes using a cedar shoe tree. The cedar will help eliminate odors caused by sweaty feet, in addition to soaking up any wetness. The shoe tree can also help keep the shape of your shoes (rather than being crushed in the pile of shoes).

3. Repair Your Shoes

If you notice something broken, cracked or stained on your shoe, take it in to for shoe repair before it becomes a bigger problem. Don't keep wearing broken shoes, as not only will your shoes get worse, it can take a toll on your feet as well. A broken shoe can make you walk a little differently, which can cause injury to your feet, ankles, legs or even your hips. Have your shoes repaired and stop wearing them until they get repaired.

4. Invest In Quality Shoes

For shoes that you plan on wearing a lot, such as shoes for work, or shoes you plan on working out in on a daily basis, you should think of as an investment. It may be a little more costly for those shoes, but will be worth it in the end, as they are going to last longer and provide better support than cheap shoes will. For trendier shoes that you will only wear with one outfit, or just need for a special occasion, you don't need to spend as much on. But, for shoes that you plan on getting a lot of use out of, spend the extra money.

Extending the life of your shoes doesn't take a lot of extra time, it just takes a little care and maintenance.