Warm Weather Tips For Your Hair

Warm weather activities can be hard on your hair for a variety of reasons. Chlorinated pools, salty ocean water and sun exposure can all do damage to your silky strands. Knowing how to take care of your hair in warm weather and making proper preparations for the coming season can help you look your best through the spring and summer.

Prepare Your Hair for Spring

Dry, cold air may have damaged your hair this winter, leaving the ends looking frizzy and dry. Kick off the warm weather by getting a trim. This will remove brittle split ends and ensure that your hair starts off the summer in a good place.

If you're planning on dying or bleaching your hair, get it done before warm weather sets in. Dying and bleaching your hair can be damaging even under the best of circumstances. Once summer begins and the air warms up, hair coloring may do more harm than good.

Getting a professional hair coloring versus dying at home can help you avoid excessive drying and damage. If you prefer to save money on your hair treatments, contact a cosmetology school in your area. You can get cosmetology school haircuts and hair treatments on the same day, then you can leave fully prepared for spring.

Start a Deep Conditioning Regimen

Deep conditioning a couple times per week will moisturize your hair, which can protect it from summer sun and harsh pool chemicals. Try not to heat style after moisturizing, because this can undo your progress, leaving your hair dry and broken.

Protect Your Hair from The Pool

Wet down your hair before and after going in the pool or the ocean. This will prevent it from absorbing chlorine and other chemicals. If you plan to spend excessive amounts of time in the pool, invest in a shampoo designed to remove the chemicals and mineral deposits that contribute to hair damage and buildup. If you're unable to wash your hair immediately after swimming, try rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar and water after toweling off. This helps remove impurities from your hair, keeping it looking clean and healthy.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

If you participate in summer sports, SPF for hair can help you avoid sun damage. Spritz your hair before outdoor activities. This will help protect your hair and your scalp from sunburn and UV damage.

For more information about how you can get your hair ready for warm weather, talk the a hair stylist. He or she can answer your questions and give you more suggestions for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy this summer.