Human Hair Wigs: Using Your Crowning Glory To Help Others

Having beautiful hair makes an individual feel confident and attractive. Many people don't know that they can donate their long hair so it can be transformed into a wig. This is a compassionate act of charity; it benefits people who have suffered hair loss for various reasons.

Causes of Hair Loss

A person may lose his or her hair due to a disease, such as alopecia or chemotherapy used to treat cancers, a fire or another cause. When the hair loss occurs, they often choose wigs made of human hair, even though they are more costly than other types. The main reason for this choice is that they look and feel more natural than those made of synthetic hair.

Issues with Hair Loss

People with hair loss often feel isolated simply because they have a bald head. If the hair loss is due to a life-threatening disease or a tragedy, such as a fire, the individual may suffer from depression, pain and other types of heartbreak. Having an attractive wig makes the person feel more 'normal.' It is just one less thing for them to feel anxious about, and it can help them in their recovery process.

How to Donate

Many different charities and other places accept donations of human hair. Some charities create only children's wigs and give them – free of charge -- to the child afflicted with hair loss. You can find out about places that accept hair donations by contacting a beauty salon, the American Cancer Society or online websites. You can go to a salon to get the hair donated or do it yourself by following the hair donation instructions. Often the instructions advise you to wash and dry your hair thoroughly, put it into a ponytail and then cut it just above the ponytail holder. The hair is then placed in a plastic bag, put inside an envelope and then mailed to the donation site.

Guidelines on Donating

Facilities that accept hair donations often require that the lock of hair be at least 10 inches long. This allows them to create wigs from the donation. Facilities typically don't accept hair that has been bleached.

Hair Growth

The average person's hair grows about 6 inches each year. This equates to about a half inch each month. Therefore, someone who obtains great satisfaction from donating his or her long hair could actually donate it about every two years.  

When someone compliments your beautiful long hair, and you are ready to cut it, think about how it would make someone else feel who needs a wig. Hair donation is a simple process and it can truly help another person feel and look better. Visit a wig shop like Serge's Wigs for more information.