Tips To Avoid Getting A Bad Haircut From Your Hair Stylist

No one wants to get a new haircut and find that they do not like it or cannot properly maintain it at home. To this end, follow these tips to ensure that you get the best haircuts in the future from your hair stylist: 

Communication is Key for a Good Haircut

Hair stylists are licensed professionals who know how to properly cut your hair, and you know how you want your new haircut to look when it is finished. Many times, a "bad" haircut is simply the result of misinformation with your hair stylist about the end result that you are seeking.

When you arrive at your appointment, you should have very clear instructions for your hair stylist about how you would like to have your hair cut. By showing your hair stylist details such as exactly how much length you want to have cut off, or how short you want your bangs to be, you can ensure that your measurements mesh with your stylist's before they cut your hair. Showing your stylist where on your forehead you would like your bangs to be will help to keep you from getting a cut with bangs that are too short because there was a misunderstanding about how much hair "about an inch" is.

Bring Visual Aids to Your Hair Cut Appointment

One way to help your hair stylist give you the haircut that you want, is to bring in some pictures of how you want your hair to look. You can search for photos of hairstyles in print magazines and online. Rather than searching for celebrity photos, instead choose looks that are more natural and require less styling to achieve the look that you want. Celebrities often have a slew of hair stylists who have prepared them for a photo shoot, and trying to maintain those looks on a day-to-day basis is not a realistic expectation.

Additionally, when you bring in photos, you should also bring along some for similar looks that you definitely do not want for your new haircut. This will help your stylist to avoid those looks when they put their own "spin" on your haircut.

Ask Your Stylist to Show You How to Style Your New Hair Cut

Finally, if you are getting a cut that is a new style for you, ask your hair stylist how to properly care for your hair and to show you how to style it. If your new hair cut looks great at the salon, then you can also make it look great at home yourself, but you may need to be shown how first. It is always better to ask questions than go home and be dissatisfied with your new hairstyle. Contact a local salon, such as A Cut Above, for further assistance.